About me and this blog

I started this blog in order to write a cookbook about beans. The name, Dreams of my fava, is loosely based on President Barack Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father. Despite his imperfections, I remain a fan. Yet this blog has nothing to do with the president. And is was never meant to be about dreams that I received from anything or anyone. It wass meant to be about the process of creating a cookbook. And maybe creating in general. So the dreams of which I originally intended to write were of and about, not from, beans and other things.

Now, after I’ve been blogging for more than a year, the beans remain paramount. But my focus has gradually shifted. I still want to write a cookbook. But the blog is no longer documenting that process. It has instead become its own thing, a place for me to share not only recipes for food, but bits and pieces of my life. With a focus on food. Which I adore. I think it’s largely because I grew up in the Southern United States, where food is tremendously important. Although I left the South long ago, and now live in Chicago, I still cook to show my love. And I guess my writing is an extension of that effort. Thanks for visiting my blog.  I’m glad you’re here.

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