someone else’s gluten-free bread

This isn’t really a post. I’ve wanted to write but just hasn’t been working out lately. My computer has a virus, so that’s a big problem. But really it’s that all I think about lately is gluten-free bread. Which I’ve been trying to figure out with almost no success. I know, I know. Gluten-free bread is not about beans. The thing I’ve realized, however, is how essential bread is to my mostly bean-based diet. Not only for the deliciousness that is toast dipped in saucy beans, but for things you might not think of, like bread crumbs, or soup thickened with bread. It’s super important. I must learn how to make it. I’m borderline obsessed.

That’s whyI was beyond excited when I saw this post on Food52. So much so that I decided to share. Because (a) the bread looks really great, and (b) the post is gorgeous and beautifully written. Enjoy.


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