Erica Mather on food cravings

Erica Mather on food cravings

Last weekend I wound up cooking two different types of beans. Which means I’m now eating mostly out of my freezer. Or at least main dish, blog-worthy type meals. Because, while it’s delicious. there just isn’t much to say about oatmeal with blackberries and granola. So instead I thought I’d share a blog post from Erica Mather, a Forrest yoga teacher from NYC who is in town this weekend teaching a workshop. Before the workshop, all I knew was what appeared on the flyer: Erica Mather, NYC, Forrest yoga guardian teacher. That means she is one of the people Ana Forrest has selected to carry on the legacy. But this morning, after day 1 of the workshop, I decided to read up on this person. Because during yesterday’s workshop, where we focused on hips, the intention was to mine our own depths to find what we’re seeking. I sought–and found–trust. At first I thought I was looking for trust in another person, a new relationship. But by the end of the 2-1/2 hour workshop I realized I was trying to find trust in myself, in my own intuition. My ability to know what I need.

When I went to Erica Mather’s website, I learned all kinds of things. But I decided to share this post because it is about food cravings, something that for me is intimately related to beans. I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about it before, but one of the reasons I’m so passionate about beans is their ability to stop what used to be my incessant craving for white sugar. I noticed that when I ate beans, I didn’t crave anything afterward. Which was in marked contrast to the way I felt after eating everything else.

I noticed this probably 15 years ago, in another lifetime, when my idea of a regular yoga practice was once a week and the idea of listening to my body felt mostly like a neurosis. If only the now me could go back and tell the then me all I now know to be true. About intuition. And trust. But, well, there are some things you just gotta learn. And it helps to have good teachers. Erica Mather is one of them. I look forward to whatever she may teach me today. When we get to spend the day upside down!

2 comments on “Erica Mather on food cravings

  1. Katie says:

    This is so lovely, Debbie! What an amazing insight to have gained at the yoga workshop! There has been this chart that is floating around the internet (especially on Pinterest) lately about foods you’re craving and what you should eat instead. This morning I had a massive chocolate craving and decided to test out the theory, so I had a handful of walnuts instead. Note, the act of eating walnuts was not as pleasurable as eating chocolate, but I did find my craving curbed. That’s so interesting about beans taming your sugar craving. I’ll have to test that one out for my self. Thanks for sharing!!

    • One of these days I need to compile research about beans and how they regulate insulin. It’s important information. I’ll try to get to that soonish. Maybe when winter finally ends! Enjoy the snow. xo

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